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  1. Whale Oil has eye witness accounts of what appears to be highly inappropriate behaviour from former Labour MP and City Vision Councillor Richard Northey
  2. No Right Turn points out National has rolled over the interim definition of funding for parliamentary purposes, or the pledge card legalisation law. Most of what NRT says in his post is hysterical nonsense (especially his disgusting attacks on the Auditor-General) but he does have a point over rolling the definition over. This is undesirable. It is rolled over until end of 2010, purportably to then allow it to be reviewed in light of new electoral finance laws. I hope it will not survive beyond 2010, as election pledge cards released days before an election should not be funded from parliamentary budgets. I will follow this closely in 2010.
  3. Roger Kerr writes on how privatising SOEs could boost GDP by 1%. I hope National will campaign in 2011 on considering the merits of SOEs that are competitive businesses having at least partial floats.
  4. Chris Trotter is enthused by Bob McChesney’s prescription for the media. Personally it horrifies me – I prefer media not to be owned by the Government.
  5. Busted Blonde blogs on all those trying to get free power due to the post-Muliaga guidelines.
  6. Andrew Bolt has a list of top 10 global warming myths. The World Meteorological Organisation disagrees.
  7. Alastair Campbell blogs that Gordon Brown should take up David Cameron’s invitation for the UK party leaders to meet to agree on some principles for MPs expenses. I’m going to blog separately on this topic.
  8. Throng has critical comment on the Napier siege coverage.

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