Children in trouble

The Sunday papers have two articles on the troubles of high profile Aucklanders.

The HOS reports Millie Holmes is back in court again:

Elder, 20, spent two nights in police cells last weekend after she was caught by a security guard at the Farmers store in Papakura with a scarf it is claimed she had shoplifted.

Police have also laid three new drugs charges against her – two of procuring and possessing methamphetamine and one of possession of cannabis.

Elder appeared in the Papakura District Court last Monday and is to reappear on May 19, two days before her 21st birthday.

That is sad enough. Her 21st should be one of the best times of her life, and instead she will be facing possible prison time for her latest alleged offending.

She was bailed to a Swanson, West Auckland, address, the home of Headhunter gang member Chris Morris, the father of Elder’s boyfriend Connor, a Headhunters prospect.

And most disturbingly, she is choosing to be bailed to a gang home, instead of her parents. You really have to feel for her parents – Paul and Hine. It must be your worst nightmare.

In the SST, they reveal:

ONE OF Auckland’s worst taggers is the son of millionaire former Fonterra boss Craig Norgate. The Sunday Star-Times has learned that Dylan Norgate, 19, is behind the notorious SPEKT tag which has been daubed across buildings in East Auckland, including Mission Bay, where his parents live in a house valued at $7 million.

Norgate, an old boy of exclusive King’s College, brags about his activities on his Bebo website, which is titled “F… the police” and features photographs of his tags at different locations, including shops in Mission Bay. The website also features pictures of a nun smoking a bong and is full of gangsta rap-style rants about women and the police.

Not just a criminal, but also terminally stupid it seems.

Hegarty said Norgate’s only bail condition was to reside at Lorne St, downtown Auckland, but the Star-Times understands he is living in Christchurch where he attends university. It is unclear if his bail conditions have been altered to take this into account.

He’s a tagger – and at university??

Again you just have to feel for the parents.

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