VUWSA and flag burning

Having failed to burn a flag on , certain idiots instead burnt it at an SRC discussing ANZAC Day. To e fair to it was former executive members rather than current ones. NZPA reports:

The New Zealand flag was set on fire today at a meeting called to resolve whether Victoria University students should lay a wreath on Anzac Day.

Joel Cosgrove, a former Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) president, burnt the flag after making a speech against New Zealand imperialism.

He and fellow Workers’ Party members Marika Pratley, a former VUWSA executive member, and Alastair Reith doused a New Zealand flag with an accelerant and lit it, student magazine Salient said.

Staff from the student bar swiftly put the fire out, and ejected Mr Cosgrove, who later said he had been served with a trespass order banning him from the Student Union building.

Interesting is this statement:

The Workers’ Party action was nothing to do with VUWSA, president Jasmine Freemantle said.

Yet Freemantle is a member of said party I understand – is she saying she knew nothing about it? UPDATE: I am told Freemantle resigned some time ago from the party.

The original Salient story is here.

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