A future killer?

The ODT reports:

The longest sentence for animal cruelty in New Zealand was imposed on a Dunedin man yesterday.

Jeffrey Hurring, 19, a supermarket shelf-filler, was sentenced in the Dunedin District Court to 12 months’ jail for killing an 18-month-old male Jack Russell dog in Dunedin on February 2 year.

He was also barred from owning an animal for 10 years.

Sadly with he may be out in a couple of dozen weeks.

Hurring admitted killing the dog, named Diesel and owned by a friend, by first trying to strangle it using a chain, his hands and his feet.

When the dog did not die after 30 minutes, he poured petrol down its throat, stuffed a pillow-case down its throat and finally hit it on the head with a spade.

The impact broke the dog’s back and jaw, killing it.

How absolutely monstrous.

A photo of the poor dog is here.

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