Quoting Bill English

NZPA has a story (not onlne yet) quoting taking questions at a post budget speech.

He is talking about how he wants to make it easier for graduates, especially overseas, to pay off their loan. His exact words:

For example, he said it was extremely difficult for students to get information about and repay loans, especially when they were overseas.

He said graduates were computer literate and handled banking on-line so should be able to make payments to their loans the same way.

“If you are overseas with a student loan it’s very hard to even find the IRD’s phone number anywhere,” Mr English said.

“For any other service you just go on your laptop and they’ve got their pirated movies, and they’ve got their music downloads and they’ve got their email from mum.

“It’s all there — so why aren’t their there? Then they’d repay them.”

So Bill is saying it should be as easy to pay off your student loan, as it is to pirate music and movies 🙂

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