TV3 reports alleged Choudary pay off

last night reported:

Last December ’s husband, Kumar Choudary, was convicted for his role in an immigration scam.

Today one of his victims told 3 News most of his dealings were in fact with Neelam and that the Choudarys have ruined his life.

Siddesh Sajjan says the Choudarys are dangerous people and he is concerned for his safety.

That is why he does not want to be identified.

They named him, but did not show his face.

He also says his dealings with the Choudarys left him in the darkest place of his life.

“I was very upset and I was in such terrible pain,” says immigration scam victim Siddesh Sajjan.

Sajjan first met with Neelam Choudary in 2002 when she had advertised herself as a recruitment agent and immigration specialist.

“She’s the one who started it,” says Sajjan. “Then later on she tried to skip out of it and she involved her husband into this matter.”

One year on the Choudarys charged Sajjan $15,000 in fees with the promise of an offer of employment and help with immigration.

None of the promises came through.

“She will do anything for money, for fame,” says Sajjan.

Mrs Choudary was not charged, but her husband has been convicted for the fraud. His sentence is at this stage, unknown.

People representing the Choudarys contacted Sajjan this morning.

“They said that if I stop talking about her, they wanted to pay my money back,” says Sajjan.

This is the most disturbing part. He got offered $15,000 to shut up. Who made the offer and what are their links?

However, Sajjan says this is no longer about money. Right now the Labour supporter wants to talk to about the character of Neelam Choudary.

Over at NBR I conclude my column on the Choudary allegations with the question about whether Phil Goff will meet or refuse to meet this Labour Party voter who is a victim of crime?

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