I know they are adults but grossness in this story from Marlborough Express:

A Blenheim father facing five charges of sexually assaulting his adult daughter has been found not guilty on all charges this afternoon. …

The jury of six men and six women had listened to evidence for a day and a half, hearing details of the incident on August 7 last year when the complainant, then 31, had joined other family members at the accused’s house. His wife had gone to hospital after being unwell for a few weeks.

Alcohol was drunk by some of the people in the house that night, including the complainant. In the early hours of the morning, make-shift sleeping arrangements for everyone were organised and the accused invited the complainant and her small son to share a queen-sized bed with him.

Describing what happened next, defence lawyer Rob Harrison told the jury: ”It was inappropriate and it was wrong but it was not rape.”

He said the combined affects of the complainant’s inebriation and the accused’s trauma and lack of sleep over several weeks while looking after his wife, whose condition was then considered as possibly terminal, resulted in the usual barriers breaking down between father and daughter.

What a euphemism – “the usual barriers”.

And while one accepts the court decision it was not rape, I wonder if charges were considered?

The part that really grossed me out was this:

When sober the next morning, the complainant realised the horror of what had happened and made contact with Women’s Refuge, a doctor and the police. The accused, however, was still feeling comforted by what had occurred in the bed, sent text and voice messages to her cell phone. In one he said: ”Come over so we can do what we did this morning.”

Bad enough to sleep with your (adult) daughter. But to text her the next day asking for a repeat performance – yuck yuck yuck.

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