Australian Navy Sex Scandal

The Herald reports:

At least four Australian sailors are under investigation after being accused of running a contest on the number of female colleagues they could seduce.

The four men were sent home from exercises in Southeast Asia after the discovery of a book recording the sailors’ successes by the captain of HMAS Success.

Channel Seven in Australia reported that the men had challenged each other to have sex with as many female crewmates as possible.

They were awarded dollar values for each success, and bonuses for sleeping with officers or lesbians.

Bonuses were also awarded for having sex in particular locations, such as the ship’s pool table.

Boy you wouldn’t want to play pool at that table again.

The story doesn’t reveal what “score” each of the sailors had got.

Regardless of what happens to them in a disciplinary sense, I suspect the sailors involved will not be “scoring” any more.

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