Bomb Making Recipies

The HoS reported:

Award-winning radio presenter Jono Pryor has been stood down from his job on The Rock after letting a listener share his bomb-making recipe on air.

Probably not the wisest thing to do.

The gaffe occurred when Pryor and his drive show co-host Robert Taylor asked listeners to share stories about accidentally blowing something up last Thursday.

In his blog, Taylor said one listener must have misunderstood the request and called in to share his recipe for “how to make a bomb”. “Subsequently (and against my advice at the time) the bomb recipe call went to air.”

I do wonder though whether a stand down is over the top. Look I am not advocating people should be making bombs, but I would say there is far less danger of someone being able to make a bomb based on a few seconds of a radio broadcast, than being able to find the same info on the Internet.

I mean if you type in “How to make a bomb” in Google you get several handy You Tube videos to make it really easy. And link no 8 is how to make an atomic bomb! Yahoo Answers even has details on how to make a hydroegn bomb.

So I’m really not sure that reading out a bomb recipie on air is a big deal. If he advocated people make and use one that would be different but it was obviously done in humour.

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