Kudos for ACT plus a question

Heather Roy publishes a list of all bills up for a vote this week, a summary of the bill, its pros and cons, and how ACT will vote on it.

This is great transparency and I would encourage all parties to do this.

I do have one question though. Heather describes the Road User Amendment Bill as:

This Bill will exempt light electric motor vehicles from road user chargers. The hope is that an exemption will encourage the uptake of such vehicles to slowly improve the efficiency of the motor vehicle fleet, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, improve energy security, and reduce vehicle emissions to improve air quality and greenhouse gas levels. If we accept that electric cars provide a net environmental “good”, this is a commonsense (and relatively low-cost) measure to increase uptake. The other positive aspect is that the Bill will provide for 42 days notice of an increase in road user charges.

I was amused to then see ACT is voting against the bill, after describing it so positively.

So are some “cons” missing from the summary, or has ACT described how it will vote incorrectly?

UPDATE: ACT are voting for it. It was a typo

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