Do not help the poor

Adolf at No Minister blogs:

A couple of enterprising guys have set up a food stores in South Auckland and Wellington where people can go and buy half price groceries. Yes, that’s right, half price groceries. The stores are called ‘Reduced To Clear.’

What a wonderful example of enterprise. What better way to help people through the recession than to provide an opportunity to buy some basic grocery lines like soap, detergent, tinned fish, tinned soups, pasta meals, chocolate, biscuits, nuts, cheese and one day soon, frozen vegetables at half price or less.

Hell, if you can buy groceries at better than half price, who needs a tax cut?

The trick is, these guys buy in from manufacturers surplus stock which has passed its ‘best used’ date but is nowhere near its ‘use by’ date. All the stock on sale is safe to eat or use and complies with all statutory standards.

But that’s not good enough for the Food ****s.

Apparently the ****s are upset because Cadburys‘ products feature. Good God, you can’t have beneficiaries buying chocolate!!!!

As my first ever boss used to say,

“Shoot the bastards!”

I share his despair at the zealots. They are only a short step away from advocating that food they disapprove of be banned.

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