NZPA report:

The Maori Party has asked Parliament to create a public holiday to celebrate , the Maori New Year, but it isn’t going to happen.

The National Party won’t support Rahui Katene’s bill because it doesn’t think a holiday is necessary.

I think it is a pity National won’t at least support the bill going to select committee. It would have been good to let the public have their say.

I don’t support the imposition of a 12th paid public holiday on employers. It would take us in the opposite direction to increasing productivity growth.

But I am not at all opposed to replacing an existing holiday with Matariki. A uniquely New Zealand holiday appeals more to me than some of our existing ones.

My views on our generally is:

  • New Years x 2 – keep
  • Provincial Holiday – would like to move at least the urban ones (Akl/Wgtn) to the same day but love having it in late January.
  • Waitangi Day – keep and Mondayise (allow day off on Monday if at weekend)
  • Easter x 2 – keep
  • ANZAC Day – keep and Mondayise
  • Queen’s Birthday – scrap. Not her birthday and not even UK celebrate it. Replace with Matariki.
  • Labour Day – scrap as irrelevant. Replace with New Zealand Day on 26 September (and Mondayise). This should be our equivalent of US 4th of July.
  • Xmas Day x 2 – keep

That would keep it to 11 holidays.

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