Boozing Students

The Press reports:

Over half of male university students make themselves vomit after bingeing on .

New research by Canterbury University psychologist Natalie Blackmore found 57.58 per cent of men and 42.26 per cent of women students reported self-induced vomiting after drinking alcohol.

I thought at first the figures would be even higher! But then I realised they are talking about having a voluntary chuck so you can carry on drinking or have less of a hangover, rather than the more traditional involuntary chuck.

If we are talking about a voluntary or self-induced chunder, those figures do seem very high.

The findings, in Blackmore’s master of science thesis, also showed many who self-induced vomiting believed it was acceptable, especially among men.

My experience is far from being acceptable, having a chunder would gain you days of hassling. But again that was for involuntary ones. I really can’t recall many people at all who self-induced.

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