igovt identity verification service

Computerworld reports:

A review of igovt services has given the programme new legs with development continuing for a further two years at least.

Minister of Internal Affairs Nathan Guy says the government has agreed that the roll-out will continue following a review and a decision to “explore options for commercial sector involvement”.

Some parts of the programme, such as the igovt logon service, have already been delivered.

The igovt identity verification service (IVS) will go into operation later this year. This gives people a secure way of verifying their identity over the internet to access a range of government services.

“The review of the business case for the two igovt services shows that the programme is still viable, and the benefits are significant,” Guy says.

“The benefits over the 10 years from July 2009 are estimated to be between $321 million to $727 million from an investment of $65 million for the logon service, and between $320 million and $646 million from an investment of $57 million for the identity verification service.

I think there is huge potential if one can securely identify yourself to the Government online. Different agencies are doing some good stuff already. IRD now allows me to access huge amount of my tax info online. Ideally I’d love to also access my criminal/police record online, my ACC history, my hospital history etc.

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