Shipping Containers Cells


I saw these in Hawaii and tried to persuade the local authorities they should send them to to become the new Auckland Prison.

The Dom Post reports:

Minister Judith Collins is tipped to announce today a rollout of shipping container cells to cope with a burgeoning prison population.

Corrections has been trialling four prototype cells at Rimutaka Prison and Mrs Collins has made it clear that she sees as a low-cost solution to the prison muster crisis.

The containers cost $63,000 to convert, a fraction of the $643,000 cost per bed at the newly built Springhill Prison in Meremere, south of Auckland. Corrections say the containers can be built quickly, potentially using prison labour.

Well they certainly look secure to me. Maybe they can let prisoners choose their preferred colour.

I think stacking them vertically is worth considering also. Takes up less land, and probably much harder to escape from if you are 10 feet up. Especially if they greased the lower levels.

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