SST on Paul Henry

Am amusing profile of Paul Henry in the SST. The part that made me laugh the most was this:

The morning we visit the studio, he uses the expression “donkey deep” on air. A viewer wonders about the etymology. Maybe, muses Henry, it is derived from the days when donkeys pulled carts through muddy roads. “Did you just make that up?” asks co-host Alison Mau. “Because it’s brilliant.”

Unfortunately for Mau, during the break, Henry is handed an actual definition from the urban dictionary. He is gleeful, delighted, like a small boy who has just discovered the word “poo”. He faces the camera and tells his audience the expression refers to (drum roll) a donkey’s HUGE member.

Later, seconds before Paula Ryan goes live to tell viewers what not to wear while holidaying in Muslim countries, Henry leans across to the fashion doyenne: “Did you know that? About a donkey’s cock?”

Heh classic. Urban Dictionary does indeed say:

New Zealand slang for being heavily involved, usually in a contentious matter. May be a reference to either a stinking pile of donkey shit or a reference to the length of a donkey’s huge cock.

I did not realise it was a unique NZ saying.

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