Sunday News on National

The Sunday News has a story on National Party President , and the fact he is currently living with the ex-wife of fellow board member , .

They have majorly fucked up though with the photo they ran, which is of Scott Simpson and a former girlfriend, not Desley Simpson.

The story says:

THE under-fire National Party president has shacked up with the socialite wife of the man poised to succeed him if he is forced from the role. …

Now can reveal that Goodfellow lives with Desley Simpson, the wife of Scott Simpson who is likely to fight for his job should he stand down.

I don’t want to get into great detail on this issue but it is important to note Desley and Scott’s separation happened well before Desley got together with Peter.This is not a case of a wife leaving her husband for a rival, as the story suggests.

The relationship is not secret – I doubt a single person at National Conference was unaware of it, especially as Desley was there at Peter’s side. Most people don’t think it is a big issue if someone’s ex-wife is now dating someone else in the party.

The two leading contenders for party presidency were Goodfellow and fellow board member Simpson.

Several well-placed National sources said that if Goodfellow, whose family is 16th on NBR’s 2009 Rich List with a wealth of $550 million, was to be moved from his position, Simpson would likely fight for the job.

As, could other board members.

Simpson told Sunday News he was aware his wife was in a relationship with the man who beat him in the race for president but was unfazed.

“My former wife and I separated four or five years ago and we have almost zero contact and that’s just the way it is.

So it isn’t really a love triangle. Desley and Peter got together around three to four years after Scott and Desley seperated.

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