And even better hypocrisy

is competing with his Leader for . Earlier today, I quoted Phil Goff arguing against mining on the conservation estate, and pointed out the Pike River Mine on DOC land was approved in 2004 by the former Labour Government.

Now today, we have Chris Carter blogging, and he says:

The DOC estate – some 30% of New Zealand’s land area – not only brings millions of tourists to this country, but also ensures that all Kiwis have access to quality outdoor pursuits, and that we are world leaders in protecting our unique biodiversity. …

So much for Mr Key and the National Party being ambitious for New Zealand!  I guess they’re being ambitious for the fishing industry, the mining industry, …

Now for those who don’t know, Chris Carter was the Conservation Minister who approved the Pike River Mine in 2004. He approved it over the objections of his own department who told him not to.

Now I think Carter made the right decision in 2004. But as he tries to portray himself as the protector of conservation lands against the mining industry, it is worth reminding people of those inconvenient facts that they hope we will forget.

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