Key’s office fire bombed

NZPA report:

An arson attack was made on Prime Minister John Key’s electorate office in north-west Auckland early today.

Fire safety officers and police are investigating after a small fire broke out when an object was thrown into the office in Main Road, Kumeu, about 3am.

“It appears there has been something thrown through the window which has caused a small fire inside,” Mr Radden said.

This is a shocking act. Throwing some sort of fire bomb into a building as (presumably) a political protest is an incredibly intimidating and dangerous thing to do – even at 3 am. Far worse than smashing some windows (which I also condemned at the time).

I hope the Police manage to catch the person or persons who did this.

My sympathies go out to John’s electorate staff. Apart from having to clean up any damage from the fire, it can only be incredibly unsettling to work in a building that someone has tried to fire bomb and burn down.

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