Labour consulted Owen Glenn on GG

I think it is wonderful that rewarded their (former) major donor by letting him help choose New Zealand’s Governor-General.

The Herald reports:

Sir was in line to become Governor General of New Zealand, according to billionaire . …

He said Sir Howard’s name was on a short list of six when the new Governor General was being chosen.

“When the Labour Party was still talking to me, I actually pushed to have Sir Howard on the Governor General list,” Mr Glenn told the crowded marae.

He said both parties – Labour and National – chose the Governor General.

“He would have been Governor General but for one person.

So Owen Glenn was in the loop enough that he knew how many were on the short list, and who was blocking Sir Howard’s name going forward.  No wonder he kept donating money with such inside access. No wonder he thought he would be made Consul to Monaco.

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