Mike Moore on Progressives

Had to laugh reading a recent transcript:

PAUL:  But what is he doing?   Is he handing the Progressives to , is that what he's doing?

MIKE:  There's nothing to hand across – except this.  There'll be 38 activists 'll want to go on the party list, who'll want in head office, in the leader's office and they represent frequently the most unpleasant and the most unattractive side of the left.  And they will burrow in – they're the chardonnay socialists who use the word mate because they think workers use it, and then they go to their vineyards and call each other furtively “comrade”.   They are not pleasant and they are not votable.

It will be interesting to see how many Progressive activists get places on the Labour List. In the meantime Jim keeps claiming extra salary and funding by pretending to be a party leader.

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