More Top Tens for Key

The Herald has two sets of Top Tens for Key. First some possible Qs abotu NZ:

9: Even if you stand on a chair, you still can’t see Russia.

7: Apart from Michael Laws, we have no poisonous animals.

5: Good news girls, Simon Dallow’s available again.

3: We dislike the French too.

1: Our leaders are identical; they both have homes in Hawaii and neither is a Kenyan-born Muslim.

Heh. No 1 is good.

And some possible Qs to Key:

9: Can you ride a sheep in New Zealand?

8: Do all the women in New Zealand look like Rachel Hunter?

7: Could you beat the Prime Minister of Australia in a fight?

2: How does it feel to be more girly than the last prime minister?

1: Isn’t it about time you stepped aside and let the Bill and Ben Party run the country?

I’m not sure if No 2 is more offensive to Clark or Key – I suspect both equally 🙂

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