The American Olympics

President Obama’s decision to go to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to host the 2016 , must help their chances of winning.

I’m not sure though it is desirable for the Olympics to keep returning to the US so often.

The US hosted the Olympics in St Louis in 1904 and then LA in 1932. A 52 year break and then LA again in 1984 and only 12 years until Atlanta in 1996.

If Chicago gets it in 2016, then that is three US hostings out of the last nine.

Of course it is technically cities not countries that host it, but in reality they are national bids.

The four bids for 2016 were scored by the IOC as:

  1. Tokyo 8.3
  2. Madrid 8.1
  3. Chicago 7.0
  4. Rio de Janeiro 6.3

It will be interesting to see who wins.

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