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  1. MacDoctor highlights how the stories of complaints about ACC are ceasing funding a “world-leading” programme is only half as effective and six times as expensive as the replacement course. So the headline should really be about how the new ACC programme is 12 times as effective for the cost.
  2. Colin Espiner thinks the Prime Minister should have his own plane.
  3. Cactus Kate admonishes Rodney Hide for his air travel, but also points out the media have not reported the costs correctly.
  4. Whale Oil shows up a recent smear by Eddie at The Standard, purporting to be concern.
  5. Iain Dale blogs on how parents in Watford can no longer enter a playground with their children, but have to “wait outside the railings whilst council-employed “play facilitators” assist the children”. Political Correctness gone mad,
  6. Andrew Bolt responds to a left columnist who stated “It takes a certain person to rejoice in the suffering of others. In the real world they’re called sociopaths – in politics, they’re called conservatives.”

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