Kay Skelton’s appeal

Another lovely person is appealing her conviction. The Dom Post reports:

A mother pleaded guilty to abducting her son because she thought she could not get a fair trial amid all the publicity about the case, her lawyer says.

Even judges had said was a conniving woman prepared to deceive the court, but they had done so on the assumption that she knew where her son was and was refusing to say, lawyer Howard Lawry told the Court of Appeal at Wellington yesterday. …

She says her conviction should be overturned and the abduction charge should go no further. …

Both father and daughter were given sentences of home detention. Skelton also had to do community work.

Personally I think she got off very lightly with home detention and community work.

As the appeal is before Judges only, and not a jury, I don’t have to worry about influencing a trial, and can point readers to my January 2007 article on Kay Skelton. Her record of perjury and lies is appalling, with the lowlight being the fake DNA results.

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