Polls and markets on Wanganui

The Dom Post reports on a poll on :

The survey – made public yesterday by company UMR – found 62 per cent of respondents from around the country wanted Wanganui to stay the way it was. Only 25 per cent of 750 surveyed supported a change to , while 13 per cent were undecided.

iPredict has also launched stocks on whether the Minister will go with the recommendation of the NZ Geographic Board. They have four stocks:

  1. Whanganui is at 80.2c, indicating a clear market belief that the Minister will not second guess the Geographic Board.
  2. Wanganui is at 6.9c
  3. An option of Whanganui/Wanganui (ie both) is on 5.1c
  4. Some other option is on 8.3c

I expect the Minister to follow the recommendation. I think the job of the Minister is to check the Board followed correct process, consulted widely, and considered all relevant issues. I don't think it is their job to substitute their personal whim or preference for the Board's.

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