Trans-Tasman on Economic Future

Trans-Tasman has published a road map for improving New Zealand’s economic performance. They say:

No Government can ever get policy initiatives and responses 100% right. History shows too many imponderables from oil shocks to war, from disease to depression and simple lack of aspiration, to ensure perfection. They can only aim at good, not perfect, results.

What Governments are indeed sworn to is the search for profitable directions and good results, say well above the 50% and hopefully towards the 80% mark.

That’s a reasonable goal.

Observers are still surprised to think how, in the prosperous decade from 1999, the Clark/Cullen Government retreated from those goals. In seeking greater social justice, it chose to slice and dice the national cake.

I regard the 2000s as a missed opportunity of a generation. A massive period of economic growth and Dr Cullen spent it all.

So what does Trans-Tasman recommend?

  1. A Trans Tasman Single Economic Market – In Effect Economic Union – by 2015
  2. Energy as the Transformatory Base
  3. Greening NZ with Environmental and Industrial Forestry
  4. Innovation : Research, Science and Technology
  5. Ultra-Fast Broadband
  6. Securities Law Reform

Can’t see anything there I disagree with.

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