PSA & SWFU not to merge

Got forwarded an internal union e-mail. Have not seen this issue in the media. The e-mail says:

A message from Paula Scholes, president PSA and SFWU to cease merger talks

The PSA and the SFWU have decided to stop discussing the potential for a merger between our two unions. The primary reason for doing so was the inability of both unions to reach sufficient agreement on the issue of political relationships and affiliations. Both unions have long standing and proud traditions on the issue of political relationships.

The SFWU has a long standing affiliation status with the Labour party, is this week signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Green Party and has explored a formal relationship with the Maori Party. The PSA has an equally strong commitment to remaining non affiliated and independent of political parties.

Both unions have looked at various alternatives to affiliation or non affiliation of the new union, but a jointly acceptable position has not been achieved.

Governance representatives of both unions met four times over the past few months exploring the concept of a merger.

Both unions agree that we have significant areas of common interest and will benefit from working even closer together in the future, especially in the health and NGO sectors. Our important joint campaigns in the disability sector will continue and other joint campaigns are likely to follow.

While it is disappointing that the potential benefits of a merger will not be realised, both unions remain committed to continuing our close and constructive relationship.

The openness with which our potential merger discussions have occurred has done much to strengthen our already close relationship.

Basically they are saying the merger didn’t happen because the refused to give up affiliation to the Labour Party. They get too many MPs through Labour, to give that up. Their MPs have included Taito Phllip Field, Dave Hereora, Lianne Dalziel and Darien Fenton.

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