What to do with a 60% poll rating

As I blogged yesterday, is at 60% in the latest poll. The four parties in Government would have 82 seats on that poll.

Now there is no way this will last forever. A party does not stay 15% up on their election night result when they are in Government.

So my question is, why not use the 60% rating while you can. Rev it up, and take it out for a spin. Do some bold stuff, even if takes you to 55% or 52% – because you’ll eventually end up there anyway.

I don’t mean do stuff you said you would not do. Keeping faith with the electorate is very important. But at the moment the opposition is misfiring and somewhat impotent. The public are not listening to them.

The long-term goal is lifting our economic growth. Despite the rhetoric we will never close the income gap with Australia, but we might be able to stop the gap getting any bigger. Hell, I’ll even settle for the gap not growing so fast as before. Some of what we need to do to lift that growth may need boldness. And at 60% in the is the time when you can afford to be bold. You may never get the chance again.

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