Auckland Boundaries

The Local Government Commission has proposed 12 wards and 19 local boards for Auckland, plus it ahs tweaked the southern boundary.

The proposed wards are:

  1. a Rodney Ward, electing one councillor, covering most of the present Rodney District but excluding the Hibiscus Coast and an area south of Muriwai Beach which will be included in the Waitakere Ward (in order to keep the Waitakere Ranges heritage area in one ward)
  2. a Hibiscus-Albany-East Coast Bays Ward electing two councillors
  3. a North Shore Ward, electing two councillors, covering Glenfield,
    Birkenhead, Takapuna and Devonport
  4. a Waitakere Ward, electing two councillors, covering all of the existing Waitakere City excluding New Lynn, Green Bay and Kelston plus a small area of Rodney District
  5. a Whau Ward (New Lynn-Avondale), electing one councillor, covering New Lynn, Green Bay, Kelston, Avondale, Rosebank, Waterview, Blockhouse Bay
  6. a Mt Albert-Mt Roskill Ward, electing two councillors
  7. a Maungawhau-Hauraki Gulf Ward (Auckland Central), electing one
    councillor, covering the central/CBD area and the Hauraki Gulf islands
  8. an Orakei-Maungakiekie Ward, electing two councillors
  9. a Franklin Ward, electing one councillor, comprising all the area of
    Franklin District remaining in Auckland together with the Clevedon
    community and the majority of the rural area of Papakura District
  10. a Papakura-Manurewa Ward electing two councillors
  11. a Howick-Pakuranga-Botany Ward electing two councillors
  12. a Manukau Ward, electing two councillors, covering Mangere,
    Papatoetoe and Otara

The wards are meant to have approximately the same amount of population per councillor as each other. The average is 70,810 pop per Councillor and the extremes are Rodney with only 53,590 pop for 1 Cr and Maungawhau-Hauraki Gulf (Auckland Central) with 88,000 for 1 Cr.

The 19 proposed local boards are:

  1. Rodney (7 members)
  2. Hibiscus-Albany-East Coast Bays (9)
  3. Glenfield-Birkenhead (6)
  4. Takapuna-Devonport (5)
  5. Waitakere (9)
  6. Whau (7)
  7. Mt Albert (7)
  8. Mt Roskill (6)
  9. Maungawhau (5)
  10. Waiheke (5)
  11. Great Barrier (5)
  12. Orakei (7)
  13. Maungakiekie-Tamaki (6)
  14. Mangere (5)
  15. Otara-Papatoetoe (7)
  16. Howick-Pakuranga-Botany (9)
  17. Papakura (5)
  18. Manurewa (7)
  19. Franklin (9)

Submissions are open until mid December. From my outside perspective the proposals look pretty sound, but I defer to local knowledge.

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