Hughes report into anti-smacking released

The report into section 7(2) of the Crimes Amendment Act, what many like to call the anti-smacking legislation, has just been released.

Hughes has found that he has:

“not been able to find evidence to show parents are subject to unnecessary state intervention for occasionally lightly smacking their children or of any other unintentional consequences of the Act; and

“Data collated by the Police does not provide evidence of unwarranted investigation or prosecution for the light smacking of children.”

OK then, back to it normal life.  It’s all sorted.  Is anyone still concerned that the state is creeping into their private lives?  There is no need to be as Peter Hughes has investigated it for you and all is well.

The bigger report by Howard Broad, Nigel Latta and Peter Hughes won’t be released until the end of the year.  I am guessing the results will be much the same.

I guarantee that DPF will have his own post from the other side of the world on this one.  I’ll let him do the stats analysis.

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