Humour transplants needed

My God. Someone please ring up Hell Pizza and ask them to deliver some humour transplants to the Labour Caucus Room.

ACT staffer joked on his Facebook status that he is off to the Abel Tasman National Park for 8 nights before Gerry Brownlee rips it up and both uses this in a question in Parliament, and blogs about it on Red Alert.

Really that is just so sad. I am so glad I no longer work in Parliament if I have to put up with crap like that.

At least Gerry Brownlee shows he still has an excellent sense of humour:

Hon GERRY BROWNLEE: This summer will be the largest exploration activity ever seen in New Zealand waters.

Hon Darren Hughes: That’s just the Minister on the beach.

Hon GERRY BROWNLEE: Seven offshore wells are being drilled, and thousands of kilometres of seismic data are being shot. In fact, New Zealand is ranked in the top 10 countries for offshore exploration wells. This year we have put in place a seismic data acquisition programme to continue the success. It is a good programme. I know that you do not like us responding to interjections, Mr Speaker, but I just want to say that in order that no one rushes to the beach to save the whales, I will be publishing the dates that I am on holiday.


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