Maori voters poll

I’ve blogged at Curiablog, the details of a Marae Digipoll. It has 700 voters from the roll, and 300 from the general roll (but of Maori descent).

There’s several fascinating aspects to it.

  1. Party Vote is 48%, 26% and National 20%. Now in the 2008 election, in the Maori seats, the party vote was Maori Party 29%, Labour 50% and National 7%. Now this can’t be directly compared due to inclusion of general roll voters (I have asked if there is a breakdown) but regardless that a big boost upwards for the Maori Party and National.
  2. Maori Party at 57% on electorate vote. Will this hold up for them to win the sixth and seventh seat off Labour?
  3. at seven times the support of Phil Goff as Preferred PM. This is a National Party leader. Goff is in 5th place amongst Maori.
  4. Approval of John Key is at 55% amongst Maori.
  5. In terms of most effective Maori MP, the top Labour MP (Parekura Horomia)  is at 3%, in 5th place.
  6. While 68% of Maori Party supporters back the decision to go into Government with National, most want them to be in Cabinet – not Ministers outside Cabinet.

I’ve said for some time that Labour’s strategy of attacking the Maori Party is a strategic blunder. This poll confirms it, in my opinion.

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