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Brian Rudman says:

As a Pakeha New Zealander, I have long disliked the way Mr Harawira labels us as white mother molesters, but I’m bemused why Hone has suddenly become a pariah.

The latest Marae-DigiPoll survey ranked him as Maoridom’s most popular politician.

Love him or loathe him, Pakeha New Zealand will continue to have to live with him and the views that obviously make him so popular among Maori-roll voters.

Hone is obviously popular in his electorate, having won it twice. But Rudman is wrong saying the Marae0DIgipoll ranked him Maoridom’s most popular politician.

The poll results say:

Currently, there are 16 MPs in Parliament with Maori ancestry. Of those MPs, which one do you favour most?”

Pita Sharples   31.9%
Tariana Turia   16.7%
Te Ururoa Flavell  3.3%
Parekura Horomia  3.2%

So Hone is not the most popular by a long shot. He is at one quarter that of Sharples and one half Turia.

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