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As I blogged previously, in 2010, is going to sponsor a , and I hope that the community that reads and comments here, will also get in behind a good cause. I see it as part of translating an online community into having a real world effect – like with the campaign against the Electoral Finance Act, but this time in a non political sphere.

Kiwiblog will be donating 10% of its advertising income to the charity, and we had a great brain storming session this week about possible fun events we could put on such as celebrity debates, political trivia quiz nights, sporting event sponsorship, celebrity dares, bingo nights etc etc. We’ll chat about these some other time.

For now, I’d like readers to nominate charities for consideration. I’ll then select a short-list, and we’ll put the short-list to a public vote amongst the readers.

The criteria we’ll apply in selecting a short-list are:

  1. Charity must be based in NZ (but can have international focus)
  2. Should have broad appeal, and be relatively apolitical
  3. Should have national relevance, not local only, and be topical
  4. Should actually deliver services of some kind, not just advocacy
  5. Should be reportable – as in the ability to keep people interested in the work they do with regular updates

So nominate away. I’ll keep nominations open for a couple of weeks and then we’ll run a poll to pick the 2009 charity.

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