Naughty Tiger reports:

GOLF superstar has admitted “transgressions” saying he had let his family down, in a statement posted on his website that appeared to confirm rumours of an extramarital affair.

A famous person having an affair is hardly unusual, but this case has generated considerable discussion, as his wife, Elin Nordegren, is a beautiful model in her 20s.

Greer McDonald asks the question of whether monogamy is natural:

Do you think that the majority have just been taught that monogamy is the right and only way, and that it’s actually “natural” to want – and be with – more than one person?

Or is it in the human nature to be coupled up and be okay with that?

For my 2c I think that the vast majority of guys are attracted to other women, even if in a happy relationship. However that does not mean you act on the attraction.

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