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I went and saw Yes Man on the weekend. Not being a Jim Carrey fan but having seen an interview with Danny Wallace, the guy who wrote the autobiographical book that it is based on, I was keen to splash out my hard-earned dosh to see if it was any good.

I cringed at the start, not only was Carrey up to his face-pulling, can’t-act-to save-himself mode, he was also incredibly old. Like, wrinkly and stuff. When did that happen?

The movie did get better, namely with the introduction of Rhys Darby’s character. The role was perfect for him, he was essentially channelling his role of Murray the manager of Flight of the Conchords and doing a mighty good “cringe coz it’s so Kiwi” job of it.

I also saw the movie last week. Greer is right – Jim Carrey does suddenly look old. And I am not sure he fitted the role of a social recluse who neer wants to socialise or go out.

But overall the movie was worth seeing as a light and fluffy comedy. Murray the manager was hilarious, as was his Harry Potter party.

The scene with Carrey’s elderly neighbour was hilarious. It was sick and wrong, and I winced, but it was funny. Remember this is a film about Carrey having to say yes to everything.

I thought Zooey Deschanel did well as the love interest – she was quirky.

The ending was a bit lame and flat, but overall it wasn’t a bad watch. More a movie to watch on DVD though than the big screen.

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