An instant focus group

I was on the bus today, and across the aisle were half a dozen girls. They were chatting about the usual girlie things until the bus pulled up to the building. One of them suddenly exclaimed how hideous (yes that exact word) it was, and they all agreed.

Then other passengers on the bus joined in, also saying how awful it was, that it was repulsive art etc etc. It was an instant focus group, responding to the ugliness on display. And they were of course right – it looks even uglier every time you look at it.

A reader points out to me, that it is not just Labour that has a fabn of the design in its ranks. in his newsletter said:

On Monday I attended the wreath laying by Prince William in honour of our fallen at the National War Memorial in Wellington. Afterwards Denese and I went to the opening of the new Supreme Court building.

The architecture of the building is certainly bold especially with the new Court contained within an orb, modelled on a Kauri Cone. The building makes a statement and I believe New Zealand, can do with more buildings with such a strong design focus.

The only thing NZ should do with buildings with such a strong design focus is use them as target practice for the SAS.

I do hope Wayne isn’t in charge of designing any of the ships for the Navy, with his comments above!

Thinking about the Supreme Court building, it does occur to me that it might be less hideous if one got rid of the barbed wire exterior. Possibly the building itself is not beyond redemption if you scrap the wrap-around.

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