English on the economy

Bill English writes:

As New Zealand emerges from recession, the Government’s focus has firmly shifted towards significantly lifting our economic performance. …

Making changes that help permanently lift our economic performance will be the overriding focus of the 2010 Budget.

The tradeable side of the economy – exports and those industries that face international competition – has been in recession for five years, with output now some 10 per cent below 2005 levels.

That’s a great line – the tradeable side of the economy has been in recession for five years!

By contrast, the public sector has grown rapidly, but with poor productivity. That has lowered the economy’s overall productivity. Unless we can turn this around and create the right environment for businesses to compete on the world stage, we will not achieve the sustained increase in incomes the Government aspires to.

The rhetoric is spot on. We await the policies in the budget.

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