Labour’s hardcore left

takes a look at Labour (which I will blog on also), and as part of that identifies what she calls the “hardcore” as:

  1. Ruth Dyson
  2. Chris Carter
  3. Lianne Dalziel
  4. Charles Chauvel
  5. Steve Chadwick
  6. Sue Moroney
  7. Jacinda Ardern
  8. Iain Lees-Galloway
  9. Grant Robertson
  10. Phil Twyford

I wouldn’t disagree too much with any of those 12 names, except maybe Charles Chauvel. Charles is pretty hard on social issues, but he does show some understanding of business and rationality and is probably not as hardcore left as the others on economic issues.

I’d also add on to the hardcore Moana Mackey, Lynne Pillay, Darien Fenton, Rajen Prasad and Carmel Sepuloni. You could also debate but I’ll give him benefit of the doubt!

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