McLeod on Robinson

writes in the SST:

PUT TOO much makeup on a 60-year-old woman and she’ll look like a man in drag. Such is the cruel fate of Irish politician Iris Robinson, a cosmetics queen who condemned gays while secretly bonking a mere slip of a boy. Her close-ups are a worry.

Iris was in “acute psychiatric care” last week after being forced to resign from politics, and quite likely costing husband Peter, First Minister of Northern Ireland, his career. I note this not to rejoice at her hypocrisy exposed, or revel in her distress, but to marvel at the many ingenious ways we make ourselves unhappy.

Eighteen months ago Robinson told the Ulster parliament that, “There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than the sexual abuse of innocent children.” Putting gays on a par with paedophiles naturally enraged the gays, but she was unrepentant. “What I say I base on biblical pronouncements based on God’s word,” she insisted. She is a born-again Christian but why gays would interest her in particular is anybody’s guess.

Whenever we see a “Christian” blathering like this, we know instinctively that personal disaster is on the cards. In this country, for example, there’s former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill, also a former pastor, a former barrister and former police prosecutor, a father of 10 children, currently serving nine years for multiple sex offences, including rape, against three young girls.

Robinson’s hypocrisy was rather blatant. I’m not sure when God told her to sleep with the 19 year old guy, despite being married.

Normally I might point out Robinson is slightly the victim of differing standards. People react far worse to a 60 year old woman sleeping with a 19 year old boy than a 60 year old man with a 19 year old girl.

But then I remember that this woman claimed that consensual homosexual sex is “more” vile than child abuse, and my sympathy dries up.

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