A decade on the sickness benefit

The Herald reports:

A sickness beneficiary with a taxpayer-subsidised state house was instead living in an upmarket Auckland suburb and driving luxury cars worth $250,000.

So was he renting out his state house?

Paul Yu Szeto, also known as Yu Hong Ho, is facing money laundering and methamphetamine charges and is due to appear in the High at Auckland month. …

However, the police have also seized three valuable vehicles from Szeto, including a Porsche Cayenne and two late-model Mercedes Benz, worth a combined total of $250,000.

A sickness beneficiary for nearly a decade, Szeto was living at a Housing New Zealand property in the North Shore suburb of Belmont. When drug detectives searched the state house last July, they found it unoccupied.

Hmmn, he has been on the benefit for a decade yet has managed to “earn” enough money to acquire $250,000 of cars.

I wonder how often WINZ had him tested for eligibility to be on the sickness benefit.

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