Brady Chadwick

Steven Price blogs:

Brady Errol Chadwick has suffered a setback in his defamation claim against the Dominion Post. He has been ordered to pay $10,000 security for costs, which means that it’s unlikely his case will progress.

This will be a relief to Fairfax since it’s not at all clear the media organisation would have been able to afford the relief Mr Chadwick is seeking:

collateral/commodities to the value of three billion New Zealand dollars payable as uranium for use in Atomic Power Stations.

Now it seems Mr Chadwick has been before the courts before, as a plaintiff. He sued the Attorney-General last year, as reported in this decision. Some extracts:

Mr Chadwick, in five proceedings against the Attorney-General
alleges he has been repeatedly poisoned with the sap of the euphobia plant and estrogen.

I thought the sap of the euphorbia plant was a wound healer, and that would certainly be preferable to poisoning with estrogen.

He also complains chemicals have been supplied to him in the hope that he will blow himself up and the Police have attempted to run him over with a Police car.

Now this has a double meaning. Does he mean that the chemicals will cause him to explode, or that taking the chemicals will cause him to get some explosives and blow himself up.

The claim the Police have tried to run him over, would be stronger without the other claims!

Arising broadly from these events Mr Chadwick has filed civil proceedings against the Attorney-General for what he describes as attempted murder, criminal harassment, defamation, corrupt use of official information, false statements, fabricating evidence, conspiring to bring false accusations, conspiring to defeat the course of justice, blackmail, demanding with intent to steal, torture, common assault and theft.

Goodness, Chris Finlayson has been a busy boy. And Chris would never do common assault – he would be far more sophisticated with his assault.

The remedies sought are mostly, either or both a claim for three or four billion dollars worth of “uranium” for use in power stations, or economic sanctions against New Zealand for a number of years. The economic sanctions prayer appears to seek orders that this Court prohibit New Zealand selling goods overseas and importing goods other than essentials.

He seems to have an unhealthy fixation with uranium. Maybe the PM should sell him his shares 🙂

This Court could not make such orders even if liability could be established.

Good to see such self-restraint from the court. Hopefully it won’t be appealed to the Supreme Court, just in case Dame Sian decides they could make such orders 🙂

In CIV 2008-485-2705 the plaintiff alleges he has been tortured by the New Zealand Government. The allegations of torture seem to arise from complaints by Mr Chadwick that a number of people around the streets have tried to trip him up as he has walked

Shit, I didn’t know that counts as torture. I think that would make me a torturer.

I note portions of the statements of claim are incoherent and thus impossible to follow. Some of the claims involve incredible allegations, for example, that the Government is able to manipulate time and the integrity of the physical world.

Now that is an incredible allegation, but can you rule it out? It might explain how the Government stays so popular!

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