Do we need Concert FM

The Herald reports:

Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman is considering sacking the Radio New Zealand board if the public broadcaster cannot shift to a new business model in an effort to save money. …

Among options floated to save money were moving out of its Auckland premises, seeking commercial sponsorship for Concert FM, scrapping its $200,000 advertising budget or shifting back to an AM frequency, except in Auckland, which would save $750,000.

I think that National Radio provides a good service as a public broadcaster. While at times I may have issues over the lack of political diversity amongst hosts and guests, I am overall a fan of National Radio, and think we would be poorly served without it.

However Concert FM is another matter. I don’t see a need for taxpayers to provide classical music for free over the airwaves. There are now numerous ways where lovers of classical music can access it.

So why not sell off, or disestablish Concert FM, rather than just seek advertising for it. That would leave Radio NZ to focus just on National Radio, with increased resources.

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