The NZ Apprentice

Yep I tuned in last night. I was amused that the “HQ” for the show is at City Life Apartments off Queen Street, as that is my normal hotel in Auckland (I often can get a suite for $150). So I know a lot of the sights they film in the hotel.

I am not sure the show will work well in NZ. The US shows works for several reasons:

  1. Working for Trump gets you an amazing network of contacts
  2. Trump has presence and an ego, which work together
  3. The tasks on the US show often involve working for iconic companies, and meeting heir top officials
  4. The treats for the winning team are often amazing

The treat for the winning team last time was to have a dinner at Dine (in Sky City Grand). Now that is one of Auckland’s better restaurants, but hell I’ve had dinner there half a dozen times. This is not a place you have to book six months in advance. Getting to go there isn’t somethng that would be hard to do yourselves.

Serepisos as the boss, did better than I expected.  I liked it when he dissed the person who mispronounced his name. His two off-siders are not a match for George and Caroline.

Julie Jacobson is blogging her take on the series.

Kim Laurenson got fired last night. A pity really as I thought she performed quite well. On the other hand she is a real estate agent (if one more sends me unsolicited junk mail I will go postal) which is a negative, but she also owns a boutique clothing store and does Ironman triathlons.

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