Brash e-mails remain a mystery

NZPA report:

have failed to find the source of the leaked emails.

A police review of the investigation, involving almost 200 interviews, into the publication of the leaked emails from the then-leader of the National Party has been completed and the source of the emails could not be established. …

Almost 200 interviews were conducted with parliamentary employees, including I&T, security, messengers, cleaners and contractors, along with a number of other people, to corroborate information gathered in the original investigation.

Although no suspect leads were identified, the interviews did provide evidence of unsatisfactory security on the third floor both in terms of access to the floor and offices and to individual computers. These afforded opportunities for access to a range of documents, both hard copy and electronic.

We may never know the truth. I did ask , when I last saw him, to consider revealing who did it and how, after that person/s has died, as he has a duty to history to reveal.

The Police have noted there was unsatisfactory security on the third floor. I believe the most likely way it happened was someone who does not work on the third floor, got in there and swiped the e-mails. It would have taken around two minutes to stick a flash drive in a PC and copy the Outlook file over.

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