Could be an interesting court case

The HoS reports:

The prostitute given $2.4 million by fraudulent banker Stephen Versalko is far from the high end of the escort business.

Instead, she is a mother of one who worked at an Auckland brothel, the Pelican Club, and is closer in age to Versalko’s 49-year-old wife Megan than the many of the other prostitutes that she used to work with.

The prostitute’s daughter, like Versalko’s only girl, is a teenager.

While the Pelican Club charges its staff out at $210 an hour – although clients can pay up to $1500 a night – the women earn considerably less. By comparison, celebrity stripper and escort Lisa Lewis once advertised her services at $7000 a night.

The ASB Bank is now suing the prostitute for the $2.4m Versalko paid her.

Now this could be a very interesting court case.

Presumably any money paid to the escort, for actual services, she should be able to keep. Just the same as any money he paid to a doctor, or if he had gambled it at Sky City.

But it seems apparent that Versalko paid the escort a lot more than he had to commercially – ie he gifted money to her – possibly through coercion.

So if it goes to court, the court may have to decide what is the appropriate rate of return for , so it can work out how much on top of that was a gift.

I predict a well attended court for a commercial case!

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