Mayor Catman

The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayor John Banks, a candidate for the mayoralty of the proposed Super City, has been uncharacteristically modest about his efforts to rescue a cat in a tree.

It is understood the kitten was part of a stray cat colony in Dove-Myer Robinson Park, Parnell, where Mr is known to feed the animals.

He got a call late on Wednesday night from a constituent about the kitten’s plight and spent about two hours yesterday morning helping to rescue the animal.

But later, Mr said he didn’t want to talk about it.

love cats. I am an animal rights activist. Thank you very much for the call. There is nothing more to say.

change light bulbs for elderly people, I unblock drains and I rescue cats.

“It is part of being the mayor of a super city. That is all want to tell you. Have a great day.”

Heh, that is a funny story. John is a renowned pet lover, and can just imagine him dropping everything to go help rescue the cat.

Mind you, I’ve never worked out how a cat needs rescuing from a tree. If they got up it, I’m pretty sure they can get down if they really want to.

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