NZ Ahead

The has launched today the NZahead report card. It grades NZ in 17 areas, and will be tracking how we do over time with some targets for 2015. A very worthwhile initiative.

The initial grades are:

  • Life Expectancy B
  • Unemployment C
  • Inequality D
  • Assault Mortality D
  • Suicide C
  • GDP per capita C
  • Household Wealth D
  • Labour Productivity D
  • Innovation and Business Sophistication D
  • Educational Achievement B
  • Agriculture and Forestry Land per capita B
  • Water Quality C
  • CO2 concentration in the atmosphere D
  • CO2e emissions per capita D
  • Invasive Species C
  • Net migration of Citizens C
  • Overall NZI Grade C, with Effort a B-

Each grade, has an associated page with graphs on related indicators, background on why it is important etc.

It is interactive also. You can get to vote on how important a criteria should be overall, and also give your own overall grade.

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