Two more coments on Waihopai verdict

Had 120 comments yesterday on the Waihopai verdict. Best comment was from Dime:

how did they get the bain jury to come out retirement?


Others have called for jury trials to be abolished – a rather extreme over-reaction.

But there is one positive side to the verdict.

If Wellington Airport persists with its woeful giant Wellywood sign, we know we can destroy it, and get let off by the jury 🙂

On a more serious front, the Dom Post reminds us of what can happen when people think that they can take action in the name of God:

In the US last month, anti-abortion campaigner Scott Roeder was convicted by a judge of murdering an abortion doctor after failing with a similar defence. His lawyers had argued for a lesser conviction because Roeder believed that the killing was justified to save the lives of unborn children.

Now no one thinks the Three would act in such a way, but none the less it is a reminder of the danger of people putting their personal beliefs above everything else.

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